Optimization software to smooth your workflow

Solve the challenging problems that get in the way of your business and remove bottlenecks by integrating efficient optimization components

Vehicle Routing Problems

Many contexts involve managing a fleet of vehicles to serve customers. This notoriously hard problem is too often handled manually or with very sub-optimal splitting strategies. We manage to drastically cut planning times while maintaining the quality of service and reducing travel times, distances and CO2 emissions by more than 20%.

Production scheduling

Shop-floor scheduling problems require to take into account delivery delays, machine availability, operator working hours and skills. The combinatorial nature of the problem makes it hard to tackle by hand, while computed solutions are cost-effective and ensure production constraint satisfaction.

Supply-chain and logistics

Many other optimization problems arise in industrial contexts: assignment, cutting, loading... A widely-spread response is to use human expertise and "common sense" to get practical solutions. The resulting process is usually very time-consuming, offers no flexibility and yields largely sub-optimal solutions.


  • Smart optimization components
  • Tailored approaches targeting business needs
  • Innovative and fast algorithms based on up-to-date research


  • Reduce costs without the stress
  • Automate manual processes
  • Insights for faster and better business decisions


Julien Coupey

Julien holds a master's degree in both mathematics and computer science. He loves to tackle optimization challenges, mixing his taste for mathematical modeling and efficient implementations.

Jean-Marc Nicod

Jean-Marc is full professor at ENSMM and researcher at FEMTO-ST where he leads a team working on decision processes to ensure system availability. He has a strong optimization background in graph theory, scheduling, parallel and distributed computing.

Christophe Varnier

Christophe is associate professor in computer science at ENSMM and researcher at FEMTO-ST where he focuses on operational research in various industrial contexts, from scheduling to maintenance.

Stéphane Chrétien

Stéphane is senior research scientist at the NPL (UK) and associate professor at the LMB. He is an expert in high dimensional statistics, machine learning and optimization.



Our work in mobility and transportation is based on open data and tools. We proudly use and contribute to OpenStreetMap and its open-source software ecosystem.


We develop and maintain VROOM, an open-source solver for Vehicle Routing Problems. Check out the live demo map.